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Straiph has just released his first CDR, entitled 'Thin bony Scour', which is styled on "the influence of voyeur ambient claustrophobic abstract fumbling phonetic dyslexic manipulation, dark multifarious disorder. Sort of electronic irregular transmission Scottish jiggery-pokery science art experimental with a personal collective." Most of the tunes are worked on at length by manipulating, adding, subtracting cutting and pasting. Classic sounds are multi-layerd with controlled disorder, and in some instances with rhythm void. And at other instances, rhythmic repetition noise loops."
His ethos and artistic style come direct from his environment, due to his interest in archetypes dealing with conceptual sound-works around the notion of primordial reverence. Working within the Zoology department at a biological research centre located in the semi-rural remote isolation of the Highlands of Scotland, His project started a few years back. After moving to the remote field station, where the utter boredom of the isolation drove the scientists to start showing slide shows in the evenings on a German made projector called Paximat multimag, it was from these hazy stoned gatherings, Straiph began to construct music scores for their slide shows.

Straiph - 8bit EP

Catnum: 8bit0084

Genre: IDM

Year: 2004

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0084