Archive - Archipelago

2004 - 8bit0104

Microsound, Experimental, Minimal

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0104

Archive is musique plastique by Mike Hallenbeck: an exploration of sound as margin and threshold, peripheries and parentheses, as immersion in a mutable space.
The tracks 'Archipelago' and 'Yes' coalesce around various field recordings (Big Ben, footsteps in a museum gallery, truck motor, crowd at an outdoor festival), both untreated and processed. 'Bitrate' is derived entirely from samples by Charlie DeVico (]]>http://devico.us]]>) and Andrew Duke (cognitionaudioworks.com).

Andrew Welch - The True Focus Sessions

2004 - 8bit0103

IDM, Abstract

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0103

01Andrew WelchChoked04:05
02Andrew WelchTony - I guess Tony Blair05:50

Damaru - When Will It End?

2004 - 8bit0102

Electro, IDM, Experimental, Breaks

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0102

Damaru first came to light in San Francisco back in '98 with a release on the then nascent Entarte Kunst label, with a track on the labels first 'Live At The Complex' compilation CD. Since relocating to Glasgow, Scotland, he has been holed up in his room producing some of the most original Electro around. Joined on 'Kraftwerking' by Milkboy (Kenny Christie).
02DamaruTheres Something Going On04:32

OMMM - 8bittraxx

2004 - 8bit0101

IDM, Experimental, Breaks, Breakcore

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0101

OMMM music puts a drum machine and some breakbeats in a blender and.throws it down the stairs
01OMMMAirtraffic V03:57
02OMMMAll Day Breakfast03:30

Doudou Malicious - Yoshi Yoshi

2004 - 8bit0100

Minimal Techno, IDM

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0100

Just my kind of stuff. Music for the comtempory DJ. As minimal house should be right now. I like this kind of music and it surely could find it's way to my recordbag.
01Doudou MaliciousYoshi Yoshi06:24
02Doudou MaliciousYoshi05:01
03Doudou MaliciousReconciliation Electronic04:11
04Doudou MaliciousReconciliation Bass04:18

Doghouse - 8bitrecs EP

2004 - 8bit0099

Experimental, Trip-Hop, IDM

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0099

deep experimental triphop / electronica from Vienna

Raymond gave birth to Phillip, Phillip gave birth to Humphrey, Humphrey gave birth to Reilly, Reilly gave birth to Doghouse. And in 2003 Georg Cracked took the whole shindings into his hands. Influences range from Brahms to DefJux. Work is slow. All tracks produced in Vienna. Late at night.

1. (quirky beats and weird animation moving back and forth like a meth-junkie doing valium)
2. (monotonous perc monster like Leviathan diving in slow motion)
3. (90 seconds of polyrhythmic madnesss and dabbling with the unforgotten)
4. (90 seconds of distorted bass, echoy noise ambient and the angry word reprise)
5. (fat bass meets the dark light of the inner city blues)

Remot - Just A Mirror

2004 - 8bit0098

Experimental, Microsound

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0098

These mp3s are part of his recent album 'Branches get rid of their root'. piano compositions_improvisations + machines in movement_white noise
02RemotJust A Mirror03:22

Audio Cephlon - Wrapped In Nori

2004 - 8bit0097

IDM, Ambient

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0097

Audio Cephlon (aka Greg Lawrence) can be be described as an electronic musician fascinated with the technological future. His compositions, which journey through different genres, are gently bathed in futuristic atmospheres and synthetic melodies. Greg recently released the Aether 2 compilation through Kieper Records, scoring airplay on ABC's Triple J national network and gaining distribution through Australia's reputable electronica label CouchBlip! Audio Cephlon has been interviewed on Triple J's Soundlab program with his brother Brendan (Ele-mental) and has gained airplay on London-based radio station Resonance FM, as part of the Albino Radio Project.
01Audio CephlonWrapped In Nori04:19
02Audio CephlonPolaris04:45
03Audio CephlonGlitter Gulch04:19

Qrt - nu-metal

2004 - 8bit0096

Ambient, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0096

01qrtI or a blunt katz05:52
02qrtneed for drid06:00
03qrtbounty hunter04:03
05qrtquest fir the new magicmaker04:29
06qrtsatans enebam06:22
07qrtshake your sweet booty04:13

The Bear Protection League - Stakeout At The Takeout

2004 - 8bit0095

IDM, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0095

01The Bear Protection Leagueyer ma wi that sitar04:03
02The Bear Protection LeagueDavid Icke03:34
03The Bear Protection LeagueJapaneese04:50
04The Bear Protection LeagueFreedom Road (PH.6.0)03:38
05The Bear Protection LeagueCant Mind04:58
06The Bear Protection LeagueAgain, She Said04:18
07The Bear Protection LeagueNo Likee Likee The Sweatbands04:20