What we got on constant rotation here in tha office...

30th December 2003 // Our top ten of 2003

The Bug - The Pressure (Rephlex)
Colleen - Everybody Alive Wants Answers (Leaf)
Broken Social Scene - You Forget It In People (Arts & Crafts)
Lucky Dragons - Dark Falcon (555 Recordings)
Leafcutter John - The Housebound Spirit (Planet Mu)
Remarc - Sound Murderer (Planet Mu)
DoF - If More Then Twenty People Laugh (Highpoint Lowlife)
M83 - Dead Cities, RedSeas & Lost Ghosts (Gooom)
Pluramon - Dreams Top Rock (Karaoke Kalk)
Why? - Oaklandazulasylum ( Anticon )

25th July 2003

Leafcutter John -- The Housebound Spirit [Planet Mu]
Manitoba -- Up In Flames [ Leaf ]
Broken Social Scene -- You Forget It In People [Arts and Crafts]
Dub Tractor -- More Or Less Mono [ City Centre Offices ]
Muziq -- Billious Paths [ Planet Mu]
Ambulance -- The Curse Of Vale Do Lobo [ Planet Mu ]
Fisk Industries -- The Isle Of Wight EP [ Highpoint Lowlife ]
Si-cut.db -- Find Some Shade [ Highpoint Lowlife ]

19th June 2003

Aoki Takamasa -- Indigo Rose [ Progressive Form ]
v/a -- Red Zero Seven [ Struktur ]
v/a -- Forma 1.02 [ Progressive Form ]
Tigrics -- Drapdap [ Neon ]
Jurgen De Blonde -- Hidden Rabbit [ Tomlab ]
De Portables -- Rosegarden [ K-Raa-K ]
Grandaddy -- Sumday [ V2 Music ]

26th May 2003

Chessie -- Overnight [Plug Research]
Christ -- Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle [Benbecula]
Matt Harding -- Commitment [Moshi Moshi]
Mogwai -- Happy Songs For Happy People [PIAS]
Melodium -- 'A Possible Way Of Spending Time' [Peter I'm Flying]

8th May 2003

Styrofoam -- I'm whats there to show that somethings missing [Morr Music]
Opiate -- Sometime [Morr Music]
The Bug -- Pressure [ Rephlex ]
The Postal Service -- Give Up [Sub Pop]
Stoloff + Hopkinson -- The Trademark EP [ Pause_2 ]
Clue to Kalo -- Come Here When You Sleepwalk [ Leaf ]
Soulo -- Man, The Manipulator [ Plug Research ]
Denzel + Huhn -- Time Is A Good Thing [ CCO ]
Playdoh -- Playthings [Peter I'm Flying]
v/a: music volume one and two [ Benbecula ]
O.S.T. - Does Not play Well With Others [ Polyrhythmic ]

25th February 2003

Eight Frozen Modules -- thought process disorder [Orthlong Musork]
Donna Summer -- This Needs to be your style [Irritant records]
Wasteland -- Amen Fire [Transparent Records]
Ulrich Snauss -- Far away trains passing by [CCO]
Tennis -- Furlines [Bip Hop]
v/a -- Out of heads on Skelp [Chemikal Underground]

21st January 2003

Donna Regina -- Northern Classic [Karaoke Kalk]
Deerhoof -- Reveille [5RC]
Metamatics -- From Death to Password [Hydrogen Dukebox]
Pedro vs. Kathryn Williams -- Demons in Cases [Moshi Moshi]
Populous -- Quipo [Morr Music]
Decal -- 404 not found [Planet Mu]
Alder + Elius -- parentalguidance [Skam]
The Chap -- I got Flattened By A Pig Farmer [ Lo ]
Tortoise -- Rythmns, Resolutions and Clusters [ Thrill Jockey]

3rd January 2003

Hrvatski -- Swarm and Dither [Planet Mu]
Numbers -- Numbers Life [Tigerbeat6]
Kettel -- Cenny Crush [Dub]
Timeblind -- Rugged Redemption [Orthlorng Musork]
Keith Fullerton Whitman -- Playthroughs [Kranky]
Kit Clayton vs Safety Scissors -- Ping Pong EP [Carpark]
Miss John Soda -- Drop Equals Scene [Morr Music]
The Faint -- Danse Macabre [Saddle Creek]

14th December 2002

Metamatics -- Rewired is my Manor [Hydrogen Dukebox]
Keith Fullerton Whitman -- Playthroughs [Kranky]
Radio 4 -- Gotham [City Slang]
Outhud -- S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D. [Kranky]
Souvaris -- Shorter is Mnemonic / Longer is Looking for Excuses for a long face [telesphere Recordings]
Giardini di Miro -- The Academic Rise of Falling Drifters [2.nd rec]
Noriko Tujiko -- Make Me Hard [Mego]
Fennesz -- Field Recordings 1995-2002 [Mego]
Lackluster -- Wrapping [DeFocus]
B. Fleischmann -- pop loops for breakfast [Charhizma/Morr]

06 Nov 2002

Mileece -- *formations [Lo Recordings]
Cex -- Tall, Dark and Handcuffed [Tigerbeat6]
The Zephyrs -- When the sky comes down,
it comes down on your head [Southpaw]
Degrassi -- Terminal Ocean [SL Records]
Ballboy -- A guide for the daylight hours [SL records]
Desormais -- climate variations [Intr_version ]
Boom Bip -- Seed to Sun [Lex records]
Metamatics -- Here to go / Pollen Piano [Hydrogen Dukebox 7"]
LJ Kruzer / The Council Flats of Kinsbury -- [Split 4 track 7" Uncharted Audio]
Kid606 vs Dalek -- Ruin It EP [Tigerbeat6]

07 Oct 2002

Cassetteboy -- The Parker Tapes [Spymania]
Kid 606 -- Straight outta Compton / MC DSP mix [7" V/Vm]
Isan -- Betty's Lament [7" Bad Jazz]
Pro Forma --Human Error EP [OSCarr]
Tex La Homa -- Dazzle me with Transience [Superglider]
The Silver Jews -- Starlite Walker [Domino]
Sebadoh -- The Freed Weed [Homestead Records]
Hot Hot Heat -- Make Up the Breakdown [Sub Pop]

16 Sep 2002

Digitonal -- 23:thingsfallapart [Toytronic]
Theboylucas -- Out of the wires [Output]
Los Planetos Del Agua -- too many bricks and not enough sea [Antenna]
Young People -- s/t [5RC]
Garlic -- The Murky World of Seats [Bella Union]
The Rapture -- Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks [Sub Pop]
The Liars -- They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument On Top [Mute]
v/a Blue Skied an' Clear [Morr Music]
Erase Errata/The Numbers split 3" [Tigerbeat6]
Schneider TM -- Zoomer [City Slang]

21 Aug 2002

Savath+Savalas -- The Rolls and Waves EP [Hefty Records]
Kid 606 -- Why i love life 3" [Tigerbeat 6]
The Delgados -- Hate [Mantra Recordings]
Transistor Six --Johnny where's my purse? [Black Bean and Placenta]
Oren Ambarchi -- Insulation [Touch]
Fennesz, O'Rourke, Kenberg -- The return of Fenn O' Berg [Mego]
Sybarite -- Placement Issues [Temporary Residence]
Interpol -- Turn on the Bright Lights [Matador]
L'Altra -- In the Afternoon [Aesthetics]
Gary Numan -- The Pleasure Principle [Beggars]

04 Aug 2002

Sybarite -- Nonument [4AD]
The Rogers Sisters -- purely evil [Troubleman Unlimited]
Team Forest -- Home [7" Morr Music]
Piano Magic -- Writers Without Homes [4AD]
Neil Halstead -- Sleeping on Roads [4AD]
O.S.T. -- seimstle [Qlipothic]
Bauri/Novel23 -- teddymix/moony girl [split 7" Awkward Silence]
The Sisterhood of Convulted Thinkers -- Lunchdate EP [555 recs]
Mountain Goats -- Tallahasse [4AD]

18 July 2002

Radar Brothers - And the surrounding mountains [chemikal underground]
EU -- Reframing [Pause_2]
Dabrye -- Instrmntl [Eastern Developments]
Ill Ease -- Greatest Tits [Too Pure]
Murcof -- Martes [Leaf]
Two Lone Swordsmen -- It's not the worst(Lali Puna rmx) [Warp]
Cursor Miner -- Explosive Piece of Mind [Lo Recordings]
Joseph Nothing -- Dummy Variations [Planet Mu]
Recycling Buzz [ Amanita/Idoia]
Lucky Pierre -- Hypnogogia [Melodic]

25 Jun 2002

Eltro -- Information Changer [Absolutely Kosher]
Max Tundra -- Mastered by Guy at the Exchange[Domino]
Electric Birds -- Gradations [Mille Plateaux]
Geez 'n' Gosh -- Nobody Knows [Mille Plateaux]
Akufen -- My Way [Force Inc]
Lowfish -- Maintain the Tension [Suction]
Johan Skugge -- Objects and Buildings [Source Records]
John Tejada -- Daydreams in cold weather [Plug Research]
G-man -- avanti [force inc.]
Kinski -- Be gentle with the warm turtle [Sur la Plage]

11 Jun 2002

v/a -- Instrumentals [~scape]
Sonic Youth -- Murray Street [Geffen]
Prolapse -- The Italian Flag [jetset]
v/a -- Lo and Behold [Lo Recordings]
Slub -- 20010116 [fals.ch mp3 release]
Autechre-- gantz_graf [Warp cv/dvd/ntsc release]
Alias -- the other side of the looking glass [Anticon]
v/a -- a roomful of tuneful [Melodic]
Hans Appelqvist -- tonefilm [Komplott]
Safety Scissors -- Parts Water [Plug Research]

23 May 2002

Margo -- The Catnap [Peter i'm flying]
Isan -- Clockwork Menagerie [Morr Music]
The Remote Viewer -- Here i go again on my own [CCO]
v/a -- Disco not Disco 2 [Strut]
a slice of Optimo Espacio -- New Year 2002 [Optimo]
Venetian Snares and Speedranch -- Making Orange Things [Planet Mu]
The Breeders -- Title TK [4AD]
Rothko -- a continual search for origins [too pure]
Hellfish and Producer -- Bastard son of rave [Planet Mu]
Leafcutter John -- zeagma/hub myth/daktacort [7" Planet Mu]

07 May 2002

Folie -- Misspass [Mitek]
Galaktlan -- Sinine Platoo [kohvirecords]
Si-Cut.db -- Enthusiast [bip-hop]
Prefuse 73 --the '92 vs. '02 collection [warp]
Erase Errata -- Other Animals [ tsk!tsk! records ]
Leafcutter John -- Concourse e.e.p. [planet mu]
v/a Naked and alone on the celebrity circuit [diskono]
garlic -- not over yet [propylactic records]
Manual -- Ascend [Morr Music]
Spare Snare -- Live at home [Chute]

14 April 2002

Do May Say Think -- & Yet & Yet [Constellation]
Hermann Und Kleine -- Our Noise [Morr Music]
Janek Schaefer -- Pulled Under [ audiOh! ]
Gauge -- The Gatehouse [pause_2]
Req -- Sketchbook [Warp]
Taylor Savvy -- Ladies and Gentlemen [Kitty Yo]
Replicant Rumba Rockers -- an interesting mix [Nonplace]
Dalglish -- OtJohr [Highpoint Lowlife]
v/a -- Annex: Cottage Industries 2 [Neo Ouija]