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Tigrics aka Robert Bereznyei (born 1975), hails from Tata near Budapest, and has been producing music since the mid-nineties. He was part of the band, Rianas, which decided to put things on hold for an indefinite time in 2000 after appearing on the first X-Peripheria Festival in Budapest.

Soon after the sudden disappearance of the group, Tigrics started his own solo project with the occassional help of friends. There was an initial interest from the UCMG group but the momentum passed and Tigrics; first album, Compact Disco, never got released. Several versions of this album exist on CDR, try to ask Tigrics for one.

2002 saw a stream of releases from Tigrics. Ultrahang Foundation, Hungary's leading electronic webzine, started its CDR series and the 1st release was a disc containing some fresh Tigrics compositions, titled Chromalion. The past disappointment of the lost record deal was compensated rather swiftly by the offer of Germany's Keplar label made after a chance meeting on an illegal party in Linz. The new Tigrics album was released in June 2002, using the old title, Compact Disco. (This CD saw the introduction of the Compact Disco logo on the disc, check the label to see it yourself.)

And if this was not enough for all the Tigrics fanatics, then the lucky ones could lay their hands on the Diaspora release, vveszteseknek. This album is now a precious collector's item, as there were only 30 (count them 30!!), numbered copies made, each wrapped in sandpaper.

All this leads us to the present day, May 2003 and Neon Music, a small independent record company in Budapest, has released the latest record by Tigrics, Drapdap. 9 tracks, the usual high quality electronica from Robi with trademark titles and great cover. (Not forgetting of course the compact disco logo on the label.)

Tigrics has just played on the 4th X-Peripheria Festival in Budapest in the company of Funkstorung, Scorn, Radioactive Man and Alec Empire. His past foreign outings included several performances in Vienna, Bratislava, Linz and Slovenia as well as a tour of Poland.

Tigrics - 8bit EP

Catnum: 8bit0091

Genre: IDM

Year: 2004

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0091