Pegasuses - Music For Soundtracks

2004 - 8bit0094

IDM, Indie-Tronica

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0094

01pegasusesa faceful of glass04:22
02pegasusesall timing is on04:12
03pegasusesbj totally ate one02:43
05pegasusesdeath in a vacuum05:32
06pegasusesdo you like waffles05:51
07pegasuseshow to sample04:34
09pegasusesive got your back04:26
10pegasusesmusic for soundtracks04:42
11pegasusesmy 44204:00
12pegasusesneed work04:26
13pegasuseson getting a soda04:00
14pegasusesred red shirts05:12
15pegasusesthree years04:40

Slow Sound System, Formatt - Slow Sound System

2004 - 8bit0093

Minimal Techno, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0093

01Slow Sound System vs Formatt106:04
02Slow Sound System vs Formatt206:45
03Slow Sound System vs Formatt308:21

Urkuma - Clafsete Ciuri

2004 - 8bit0092

Microsound, IDM

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0092

01UrkumaClafsete Ciuri03:16

Tigrics - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0091


Download: archive.org/download/8bit0091

01tigrics112 packhunters05:06
02tigricsebek 1/3003:04

The Village Orchestra - Jacob Bad Hand At Cards

2004 - 8bit0089

IDM, Microsound, Minimal Techno

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0089

A great track, has a fantastic a bit mysterious mood, good 1trance, minimalistic approach. Nice choir samples (no lengthy dark-ambient stuff), very light percussion beat and some good intresting additions. Good tempo and length of a track - 5:46.
01The Village OrchestraJacob Bad Hand At Cards07:08

The Square Root Of Evil - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0088

IDM, Breakcore

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0088

01The Square Root of EvilMay the Dud Be With You03:21
02The Square Root of EvilnanoFantasy02:47

The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Dance Of The Melon Man

2004 - 8bit0087

IDM, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0087

01Marcia Blaine School For GirlsDance Of The Melon Man05:15

The Forest Wilds - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0086

IDM, Indie-Tronica, Abstract

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0086

Great integration of intruments and electronics. The rhythms draw you in and, before you know it, you're surrounded by their subtle wall of sound. Three tracks is not enough!
01The Forest WildsOyyindku04:39
02The Forest WildsDekstner03:46
03The Forest WildsBamlamo04:09

Tex La Homa - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0085

Indie-Tronica, IDM, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0085

01Tex La HomaRobot Arms Devoid Of Feeling03:16
02Tex La HomaSomething Good03:34
03Tex La HomaStacked On Every Shelf04:00
04Tex La HomaYour Precious Thoughts04:13

Straiph - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0084


Download: archive.org/download/8bit0084

01StraithBarry No Belong01:50
02StraiphBarry Will Be Long (Fisk Industries mix)06:18
03StraiphSpoil With Spoons05:27