Pilchard - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0061

Electro, IDM, Experimental, Ambient

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0061

1) Broken Toilet Donut
This was inspired by the donut on my toilet leaking and uses the amazing 4Front piano VSTi.

2) Moved
Afairly boring piece of disco FLAC techno that seems to work wonders if you're totally trollied.

3) Pilchie's Garden
This was originally an attempt to record a thunder storm but by the time I got the mics and mixer rigged up to record it, the storm was over but I left it recording anyway.
01PilchardBroken Toilet Donut04:28
03PilchardPilchies Garden02:39

Patience Worth - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0060

Microsound, Experimental, Ambient

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0060

01Patience WorthDiscrete Tasks03:02
02Patience WorthWulne04:14

Paradise Island - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0059


Download: archive.org/download/8bit0059

01Paradise IslandWe're All Dying01:43

OST - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0058


Download: archive.org/download/8bit0058

01OSTtrack 408:54
02OSTtrack 604:02

Osso Bucco - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0057

Microsound, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0057

These two compositions are brother/sister tracks, which were developed using source material from one Stopless track, an electronic duo residing in Brooklyn/New York City.
Both of my compositions were abandoned some time ago, and then recently reworked to their current state.
"Three Days They Rode" is one of the poppier tracks I have written in some time.
However, it quickly moves into ambient/drone territory. "Three Days They Slept" is a bit more drone/noise/glitch than her brother, but it is evident they exist together as single body of work. These tracks are thicker and contain more layers than some of my older, more minimal pieces. They are also quite different from my most recent ep for Komplott, which is more textural and organic in nature with its use of processed acoustic guitar.
01Osso BuccoThree Days They Rode05:03
02Osso BuccoThree Days They Slept04:49

Omnid - Trn:CvCncad

2004 - 8bit0056

Abstract, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0056

Short episodes of field recordings alternating with brief outbursts of disparate electronics. Somehow the field recordings manage to give this brief collage of sounds a thread of cohesiveness. Odd, but interesting - kind of like trying to make sense of a piece of abstract art. Definitely worth giving a listen.

N.LN - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0055

IDM, Indie-Tronica, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0055

01n.lnI Never Heard (Red Horizon)06:45

Mou Lips! - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0054

Microsound, Abstract, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0054

01mou, lips!merely reflect01:48

Motion, The Deletist - Decatur

2004 - 8bit0053

Microsound, Ambient

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0053

01Motion/The DeletistDecatur03:00

Motion - 8bit EP

2004 - 8bit0052

IDM, Abstract, Experimental

Download: archive.org/download/8bit0052

02MotionLocal Control03:30