John Davis - 8bit EP

Apparently there isn't much things happening here. Layered textures, processed field recording, water, wind, earth, fire - all the five elements, and even those five seventies boy's band (track 03), if I got this sample right - and no rythmical hook to rely on. Each sounds manage it's own progression but this is anything but static. From the second it starts, this ep is going to play with you like a yoyo: you'll be taken down to the ground, then lifted again to a point you wish you could stay forever. This is a rollercoaster, and an unknown masterpiece to discover, like the infamous Ekkehard Ehlers "Play" serie on Staubgold, or the last release by Marsen Jules on Autoplate.
01John DavisAudio 01 part 308:54
02John DavisAudio 02 part 106:54
03John DavisAudio 02 part 309:34
04John DavisQuick 03 pt 106:32
05John DavisQuick 03 pt 205:03
06John DavisQuick 03 pt 306:48
07John DavisQuick 03 pt 405:27