Slow Sound System - 8bit EP

The actual title of this EP is "Slow Sound System vs. Posset" which gives a better idea of what's going on here - two different mixes of the same piece. It's categorized as 'minimal techno/ambient techno'. Minimal, yes. Ambient, yes. Techno, no. I'd say it's more of the electroacoustic style. What you'll find here are acoustic guitar loops layered with delicate electronics and other subtle sounds . I prefer 'Segment 1' as it is the gentler, more ambient, of the two mixes. 'Segment 4' leads off with two minutes worth of some discordant electronics which continue as a sublayer before the acoustical sounds of 'Segment 1' fade in again during the remaining time. 'Segment 1' emphasizes the acoustical layers while 'Segment 4' lets the electronic parts step up.
01Slow Sound SystemSegment 110:59
02Slow Sound SystemSegment 406:41