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In the purest form, Broker/Dealer have always been sound assemblers. Starting on the radio airwaves back in 1996, the duo specialized in improvisational soundscapes, where integrating fuzzed tape loops, bizarre phone conversations, and drifting ambient noise was commonplace. This musique concrĨte was as personal and hazy as it was stoned and spacious as a southern sky. The essence of this method and the unique atmosphere it produced remains, but these days there are hooks, breaks, and a steady kick drum. Broker/Dealer make catchy minimal dance music perfect for the den or the dancefloor. They have managed to channel the aquatic dub of the Chain Reaction label, the electro-pop of the Kompakt imprint, and the blue-eyed groove of 70's era Beach Boys and J.J. Cale into a product entirely their own. With melodies reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder's futuristic disco sound and deep, groovy basslines even The Modernist would envy, Broker/Dealer have created a perfect blend of "techno" and "pop."

Broker/Dealer - Crutch

Catnum: 8bit0008

Genre: Downtempo

Year: 2002

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0008