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Rashamon is the brainchild of Lee Hume, an idea conceived and shortly thereafter born when he finally got his hands on his first PC in 2001. Lee had wandered the Earth looking for a myriad of answers to no particular question after the final dissolution of his experimental guitar/synth/pop act Scout which had emerged from the sodden ashes of the seminal Duplo (a College band of only slightly whispered repute).

With the endearing help of Seb Wyatt forming a multitude of beautiful guitar shapes and soundscapes to Lee's drum/melody digitalis, Stendec has released the album 'An End to All Days' on Coastline Records and more recently the 'Patchy Cop' e.p. on the newly created Passive/Aggressive label. They have played in Brighton at two successful 'Spirit of Gravity' nights at the Freebutt and the even more experimental 'Club Quiet' at the Marlborough Theatre, only recently expanding to a three piece with the aid of Michael Huggett (Donkey Kong Jr) on bass and Synths.

Currently working on a new lp and very slowly drinking themselves to death, Rashamon look forward to warm smiles and chocolate biscuits. Their sound ranges from effects laden soundscapes to stifled hip hop with cascades of loving (but cheating) synthetic melodies.

Rashamon have recently changed their name from Stendec owing to the existence of another Stendec who seem bigger and harder than them. However, this will be the last time Lee changes the name and if anyone wants a fight over this one they had better be a lot smaller.

Broker/Dealer - Crutch

Catnum: 8bit0008

Genre: Downtempo

Year: 2002

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0008

Broken Robot - 8bit EP

Catnum: 8bit0007

Genre: Downtempo

Year: 2002

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0007