Cancer releases

Jorge Cortés comes from Santiago de Chile, where he has been running the local label Ojo de Apolo. From 1997 until now. He worked as Cáncer developing a crossing between intimate and pulsating sound, hand in hand with granular soundscapes.
His work as Receptor, from 2002 onwards, is geared towards a more minimal click-house sound.

upcoming release:

Incoherence Textures / Product 03, Crónica 011~2004

releases by (]]>]]>www.ojodeapolo.cl]]>]]>):

as cáncer:

Unipolar, 2002
Lp_receptor, 2001
Conexión Viva, 2000
Autómata, 1999
5_rmxs.ep, 2002
Coda.09, 2002
Coda.05, 2000

as receptor:

deconstrucción, 2003
atractores, 2004

Contact: info@ojodeapolo.cl / ojodeapolo@gmx.net

Cancer - Untitled

Catnum: 8bit0009

Genre: Abstract, Experimental

Year: 2002

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0009