Experimental releases

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is "musique plastique" by mike hallenbeck. pieces integrate straight-up and processsed field recordings, minimal electronics, and free improvisation. the music meditates on the margins and thresholds of sound, the epiphany of juxtaposition, the transitions between sounds or between sound and so-called silence-- the moments where assumed boundaries blur and dissolve, where the constancy of mutability is revealed.

Qrt - nu-metal

Catnum: 8bit0096

Genre: Ambient, Experimental

Year: 2004

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0096

Slub - 20020524

Catnum: 8bit0082

Genre: Electro, IDM, Experimental, Breaks

Year: 2004

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0082

Rothko - 8bit EP

Catnum: 8bit0075

Genre: Ambient, Experimental

Year: 2004

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0075

Rhexatig - 8bit EP

Catnum: 8bit0074

Genre: IDM, Experimental

Year: 2004

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0074

Punck - 8bit EP

Catnum: 8bit0068

Genre: Microsound, Experimental

Year: 2004

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0068