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Brian Hulick meshs together his varied tastes in music, combining crunchy awkward electronics with the soothing acoustic sounds of guitar and piano. From the generative technology driven sound of post aphex electronica to the more pastoral elegance akin to the folkish ambling of David Pajo, DoF inhabits that growing space that lies between indie rock and electronic experimentalism.
After playing guitar for 8 years, Brian was finally inspired by his much overplayed Tarentel records to take all the ideas in his head and try to recreate them. With a couple of releases via the Internet and various mp3 projects, Brian was noticed and selected by SoulSeek records for their first compilation project. From over 160 separate artists, he was voted into the final twenty artist who appeared on the compilation.
Apart from the DoF project, Brian has various other guises, working as Synesthesia, while employing a vocalist, and also as part of PA based ambient/noise collective, Prometheus.
His first full length was released recently on Highpoint Lowlife records.

DoF - 8bit EP

Catnum: 8bit0018

Genre: IDM, Indie-Tronica

Year: 2002

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0018