DoF - 8bit EP

I'm only three songs into this EP and I already feel compelled to write a glowing review. This EP is gorgeous. It's unlike anything I've really heard before, but I'm very happy to have found it.
I guess I would characterize it as "glitch-folk" or something like that. The percussion is very glitchy - lots of collected and synthetic sounds. The glitch isn't overbearing though, it just creates really lush textures and a strong counterpoint to the rest of the instrumentation which consists mostly of very atmospheric guitar and piano/synth. The overall feeling bounces and bubbles back and forth between tense (when the glitch surges) and calm (passages of acoustic instruments).
01DoFDerail In Dream05:51
02DoFNothing Exists Within Them At The Moment Except Those Feelings07:23
03DoF2x2 makes 5 is a most charming06:16
04DoFI am Raining, You Are Lightning05:48
05DoF & SamanthaA Cruel Hoax04:53