Massaccesi releases

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Hello! This is Massaccesi. I am writing my own bio and I refuse to pretend I am some manager writing my bio in the third person (although if anyone wants to BE my manager, send an email!). In late March I relocated from the USA (New Hampshire, one of the country's smallest states) to Barcelona, Spain. I highly recommened anyone to drop by and visit. These 3 tracks here are a bit old, most all from around 1999/2000 and recorded when I really had barely any idea as to what I was doing, so the quality is a little dodgy, but I love the rawness of 'em. Lately I've been trying to figure out what sort of musical ideas I want to explore. There's so much damn music out now and it's real easy to feel like a tiny fish swimming around in a cramped aquarium. If you visit my website you can see the various things I do, from cutting up, destroying and rearranging clothing and music to throwing together a web site and designing various other things. I also just started up doing work with some other guys in a really great death-metal-electronic-pressure-core-3d-environment project called Bloodslut. Watch out!

Love always/muchos besos..