Osso Bucco releases

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These two compositions are brother/sister tracks, which were developed using source material from one Stopless track, an electronic duo residing in Brooklyn/New York City. Both of my compositions were abandoned some time ago, and then recently reworked to their current state.

"Three Days They Rode" is one of the poppier tracks I have written in some time. However, it quickly moves into ambient/drone territory. "Three Days They Slept" is a bit more drone/noise/glitch than her brother, but it is evident they exist together as single body of work. These tracks are thicker and contain more layers than some of my older, more minimal pieces. They are also quite different from my most recent ep for Komplott, which is more textural and organic in nature with its use of processed acoustic guitar.

osso bucco is Nyc born, Florida bred and Barcelona based sonic artist gregg kowalsky's solo project.| His music weaves back and forth between ambient noise and digital harmony, which appears to be the focus of the compositions.| The textures he creates from overlapping repetitive sounds, digital clicks and processed layers provide the backdrop to the subtle, introspective melodies. His compositions| are sometimes described as sound collages, which contain source material from unlikely recordings. He is in the process of recording a split ep with Swedish artist, Kristofer Ström, which will be released on Nosordo in autumn 2003. It will contain textural ambient pieces with processed folk guitar themes and sensibilities.

Another osso bucco mp3 release:
"Manipulations in Folkk Minor" on Komplott's mp3 label. This 5 track ep contains textural ambient compositions, which contain source material from 1960's-70's British and American folk songs.