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Charles (chuck) Mackenzie Norris was born in newport rhode island in 1981 and has since resided in virginia, ohio, michigan, tennessee, new york, and new jersey. He became enamored with the electronic scene in detroit in the late 90's/early 80's, while simultaneously falling in love with kurt vonnegot jr. and jr tolkien- after some failed attempts at becoming a 'real' dj, he became a moveable part in the american machine and was some how drawn back to northern rhode island to become a musical and semi-literary hermit, in the hopes that the lack of stimuli would help to perfect the convoluted emotions that create his undereducated, overspeculated music he is currently working on some bad techno while considering moving to alaska.

Rhexatig - 8bit EP

Catnum: 8bit0074

Genre: IDM, Experimental

Year: 2004

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0074