Tex La Homa releases

WebSite:: ]]>]]>http://www.texlahoma.com]]>]]>
Tex la Homa has just launched its own dedicated site at ]]>]]>www.texlahoma.com]]>]]>, where you can find exclusive new MP3s, photos, a biography and more.

Tex have just contribitued the track 'always' to Spanish label Moonpalace records new compilation 'a moonpalace records compilation', alongside such artists as Dakota Suite and the America Analogue set.

This follows on from the recent contribution to Teenage Fanclub Tribute album, 'is this music' released on painted sky records in Japan, with a cover of 'genius envy'. For more details and tracklisting check out the Tex La Homa diary page.

Tex La Homas 'Feel tied down', a track many of you have probably already got either on the 'Dazzle me with transience album' or the fine Melodic records compilation 'A room full of tuneful', also features on Foehn records recently released double compilation album foehn 6. Other featured artists include Minotour Shock, Hood, Chessie and Cex. For more info check out ]]>]]>www.foehnrecords.com]]>]]> for the compilation details.

Tex La Homa are currently working on a remix album, provisionally titled 'Remedicated' due to appear later in the year. Look for more details of tracklisting and the various remixers to be announced soon.