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Forma is a structural electrosonic project by Ant Weiss.

Being born in Soviet Union, now living in Israel, Ant is closely acquainted with realities disintegration phenomenon. Thus Forma's music doesn't try to create a reality, it rather builds a structure for the listener to fit his immediate reality into.

Forma sounds come from three sources -
1.everyday Israel, inlcuding televison samples and field recordings (this surely add quite a bit of tension to these sonic structures)
2. the Internet ( see Forma contribution to bufferFuct project at ]]>]]>http://microsound.org/bufferfuct]]>]]>)
3. personal computer - including raw data and sound-generating software (this being inevitable, as Ant Weiss is a software developer by day)

Forma message is : #include .

Forma - Anxiety

Catnum: 8bit0026

Genre: IDM, Glitch, Ambient

Year: 2003

Download: https://archive.org/download/8bit0026