Donna Summer - 8bit EP

20,000 screaming, gay fans can't be wrong- Live! 04:06
This is certainly one of the best recordings I made live with a band that I put togeather for a world tour back in 2000. The crowd at these shows, primarily in Asia, were big, rowdy and came ready to dance! Luckily Carlo Chwatt had his bass lubed up and ready to go! This one was recorded in Hong Kong on Sept 23rd, 2000.
Bowie and Iggy on Dinah 03:46
I'm too much of a jerk-wad to just be able to sample voices and pretend it's all cool. No, I have to be all conceptual and shit and only sample voices when they represent a specific context. This one being from a rather long interview by David Bowie and Iggy Pop on the Dinah Shore Show circa mid 70's. I was especially struck by how Dinah tried valiantly to identify with the musicians, even though they really had nothing in common whatsoever.
Drieze Cassette 06:01
I don't really know what a drieze cassette is, and I'm not sure if it would sound like this. However, this one is one of my favorite tracks I've done. Sometimes when I'm just walking around I start humming it.
Small Bit Of Hard 00:34
This one is WAY old, but I always loved its crappy sound, luckily its short.
Tocatta - Live! 05:26
Another of the live recordings from the big Asian tour, but this one is from Tokyo. It's actually based on an obscure early electronic composition, but as you can see Carlo and the boys went to work on it to bring out the "groove". That guiat processing at the end was made on the amazing (and heavy) Synclair 208. Recorded on Sept 12th, 2000 at (translated to me as) "The Happy Ballroom". Donna Summer vs. Ove Naxx - another masterpiece of the weird and dirty Donna Summer
01Donna SummerBowie And Iggy On Dinah03:46
02Donna SummerDrieze Cassette06:01
03Donna SummerSmall Bit Of Hard00:34
04Donna SummerTocatta (Live)05:26
05Donna SummerTwenty Thousand Screaming Gay Fans Cant Be Wrong04:06